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Welcome! I’m Margalit, interior designer and Vant’s design ambassador. With over two decades of experience, I’ve had the privilege of transforming countless homes into havens of comfort and style. Let’s turn your dream room into a reality!

Urban Luxe

Margalit's Notes

Being that most spaces don’t have double ceiling height, a great trick is to create the illusion of high ceilings by installing your panels from floor to ceiling to draw the eye up.We did a contrast with light grey panels and a dark wallpaper, you can always swap and do a darker vinyl option for the panels and surround it with a lighter wallpaper.A good way to bring warmth into a modern space with cool grey tones is to do a wood floor, a textured throw or warm colors for a sofa which will juxtapose the coolness.

About This Room

Distressed Wood floor- Clean paint color so that features will pop; Wall and ceiling color - Benjamin Moore OC- 65
LED Lighting to bring warmth
Textured wallpaper -

Glam Room

Margalit's Notes

A designer’s best kept secret is to put a color on the ceiling and treat it like a fifth wall, especially in a bedroom where you can enjoy a beautiful view for your bed.
Using a light fixture with a drooping design will create a dressy jewelry effect.
Putting wood and LED lighting around the upholstery is a good way to make your panels look like a custom job.
If velvet isn’t a practical solution for your lifestyle, you can opt for a leather option and use that color as a paint reference for another spot in the room.

About This Room

Laminate Color - Greige softwood
Paint wall color - Benjamin Moore porcelain 2113-60
Paint ceiling color - Benjamin Moore: mauve desert 2113-50

Beachside Bedroom

Margalit's Notes

Who doesn't want to bring the calming coastal beach feel of the seaside home.By using a combination of seafoam hues, sandy textures for the vant panels, and the shimmer of sea glass we have designed the perfect oasis.

About This Room

Ceiling Color: Benjamin Moore HC144 Palladian Blue
White oak distressed hardwood floors
Vant panels upholstery option - Weave/Moondust grey

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