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The 2 ways of shopping Vant panels

Select between our preconfigured layouts or custom design your wall by purchasing individual sets of panels.

Pre-configured layouts


Carefully crafted layouts to satisfy even the pickiest of tastes

Individual Packs of 4 Panels


Got ideas and feeling creative? Customize your space by shopping individual sets of panels.

5 minute install

5 minute install

With its intuitive, patented SimpleMount™ system, Vänt makes installation fast and painless.

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Take a room from blah to brilliant
in 3 simple steps

The adVäntages of our panels


Super Simple Install

Take a room from blah to brilliant in 3 super simple steps



Rich colors to complement your furnishings and décor



An extra layer of padding for maximum comfort


Foam padding

Soft-density cushion for insulation and form



Sturdy, lightweight base for durability and portability



4 plush options, all lovely and low-maintenance


You want Vant


You want Vant

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Buyers Bootcamp

Real estate expert Scott McGillivray stars in DIY Network’s new home renovation and real estate series, Buyers Bootcamp.
”It was a pleasure working with Vänt. Their paneling system offers great options when it comes to colors and finishes. The visual impact of the product is truly striking.”
Rebecca Robeson

An eye for style

Six high quality finishes, ranging from supple leather to lush velvets, and 30 designer colors. Makeovers easier than ever.

Don't just take our word for it.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 482 reviews
Muriel Sefaradi (New York, US)

Loooveee it

A.i. (Montreal, CA)
Love it!

I just had 3 rooms of Vant panels installed and I love it! Thank you!

Dan Browder (Chicago, US)
Excellent quality, love the look.

We installed the Zigrino Oyster vant panels vertically across the entire width of our bedroom. The panels are excellent quality. They could be a commercial grade finish in a hotel, which is much nicer than some of the Velcro/foam panels on other stores. For the quality of the panels and installation tracks the cost is an outstanding value. The space behind the panel let us install some nice diffused LED lighting. Bedroom looks amazing and no headboard needed.

Penny Flahive (Dublin, US)

LOVE IT The man who installed the panels thought it was a great system

Barbara Mantini (Fonthill, CA)

Looks great! Pretty easy to install!

T.M. (South Jordan, US)
Love Vant panels!

So easy to install and looks professional Packaged neatly, instructions clearly written. My husband said it was the easiest "honey do" project ever! Makes the room look cozy. Thank you!

S.K.Q. (Nashville, US)
I’m in love!

I’m so in love with our Vant panels. Every time I walk into our room now I can’t believe it’s ours. They’re modern, elegant, and way more expensive looking than the actual cost. I can’t recommend enough! Plus the install was super easy once we got the hang of it. We went with a vertical layout rather than horizontal. If you’re on the fence, I say go for it. You won’t be disappointed.

Sarah Kroger Quaglia (Nashville, US)
I’m in love

I’m so in love with our Vant panels. Every time I walk into our room now I can’t believe it’s ours. They’re modern, elegant, and way more expensive looking than the actual cost. I can’t recommend enough! Plus the install was super easy once we got the hang of it. We went with a vertical layout rather than horizontal. If you’re on the fence, I say go for it. You won’t be disappointed.

Patricia Ragin Washington (Orlando, US)
Beautiful Panels

We own an Airbnb and the panels elevated the look of the master bedroom to a whole new level. Love them!!!

Kimberly (Portland, US)
Gorgeous statement piece

Love the look and texture the panels added to our bedroom. Because we placed the panels high we were able to elevate our bed to better enjoy the view from our windows and it also added the whole majestic look of the bed set.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Remove Vant Panels?
The panels just click off the track. Here's how; 

Place your thumb on the panel above the panel you are trying to remove, and the rest of your fingers behind the panel you want to remove. Apply pressure on your thumb and push the panel forward towards yourself. The brackets can also be unscrewed from the wall, and reinstalled at your new location. 
Can I attach the panels to the bed?
The panels are mounted onto the wall and do not attach to the bed in any way.
How are the panels packed and how do they ship?
The Vant panels are packed 4 panels per box. All in stock orders are processed within 24 business hours and ship via UPS ground with 3-5 business day service (except for HI and AL, which may take up to 10 business days). Canadian orders ship with UPS 5-8 day service. All duties are prepaid by Vant panels.
At what point on the wall would I start mounting my configuration?

Our panels are versatile, so depending on your space, you can start anywhere on the wall!

You can begin your configuration 2-3 inches below your mattress so there is no visible space between mattress and panels. If you don’t like the look of the bare wall space between the floor and panels, we would recommend beginning your configuration from the baseboard and continuing your way up until desired height is reached.

How do I clean my panels?

Dust regularly. As with all fabrics, avoid direct heat and sunlight.

For Vinyl and PU upholstery: spot clean with damp white cloth. Blot to remove excess water and air dry.

For all Weave, Suede and Velvet upholstery: sprinkle some baking soda on a damp cloth and apply to stain, blotting lightly. Let rest for 2 hours or until dry. Wipe off residue with dry cloth and vacuum.

For tough stains, we recommend consulting with a professional upholstery cleaner.

What’s in my box of Vant Panels?
Each Vant box contains 4 panels, installation hardware, and instructions.
How do I make a cutout for an outlet or light switch?

Since the panel’s base is wood, you can do a cutout from the back of the panel. The cutout should be the size of your electric switch/outlet box. Then, gently cut through the upholstery (be careful not to cut too much, you don’t want the batting from underneath to be visible), pull the box through, and place the outlet cover as you would normally do on a regular wall.

(Use a jigsaw for wood cutout and razor knife for upholstery.)

For a simpler fix, a flat plug extension cord fits in the space between the panel and wall.

Can I mount 3 panels in height?
Each aluminum bracket is designed to fit 2 panels. If you would like to stack just one more panel (for a total of 3 or 5 panels high), you would need to cut the bracket in half to fit that one extra panel. Our brackets are made of aluminum, thus can easily be cut with just a Hack Saw.
Do I need studs to install my panels?

The patented anchorless screws are designed with extra wide threads to grip the drywall

so the panels are firmly held in place. No studs or anchors will be needed when mounting your panels onto drywall. For concrete walls, Pre-drill (Drill Bit Size, 3/16(in.) the holes beforehand. 

Each screw has the capacity to hold up to 50 lbs.

What if the color I have chosen is currently out of stock?
Your items will be placed on back-order and will ship as soon as it becomes available. This may take between 2-8 weeks. We will update you on the estimated ship date of your items.
How do I stack 2 panels above 4 panels?
When stacking additional panels on top of your configuration of 4, you will just align the panels even with the bottom row to continue your installation.
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